Tightening of dust emission standards in the feed industry

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You will probably agree that SAFETY and HEALTH for workers are always a TOP PRIORITY, before QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY. Indeed it is clearly stated in the policies of many companies that HEALTH and SAFETY are their number one priority, not only for their workers, but also for their customers, and globally speaking.

If you want to build a long-term relationship of trust with your colleagues, and with all the stakeholders, they must know that you will always do your best to protect them and to improve their health and their safety. In the FEED INDUSTRY, many products are in powders, which means also some possible DUST emissions at the workplace, with bad smells, and also some risks for the eyes, the skin, the lungs, and more.

The concentration of a harmful substance will depend if the product is a feed additive, a premix, or a complete feed. Some trace minerals as raw materials have concentration of 75 %, in premix it will be 7,5%, and in the final FEED 750 mg/kg.

Do your best to improve safety conditions, especially with as little dust as possible, and with time you will see improvements in product quality and production costs.