New ideas in Feed Industry

Through the interview of 3 experienced professionals

white paper cover

Did you know that Rubisco protein present in water lentils, was an alternative to soy protein ? Do you think that Muramidase will be the next active component to be adopted by feed companies ? What will really impact the market tomorrow, to the same level as dairy farm milking robots did, over the last decade ?

The first series of interviews present in this white paper, try to answer the above questions.

With the interviews of three first professionals of the feed industry, we start discussing new and emerging ideas, to learn how the market evolved rapidly over the last decade and to reflect on how the market will have to continue to adapt to ever new regulations triggered by consumer contradictions such as insisting on both competitive prices for their meat, eggs, milk etc. whilst asking farmers to raise livestock as pets!

Keep in mind that, according to scientists, in the next 50 years or so, we will have to produce as much food as we have produced over the last 10,000 years!

This is quite a challenge but if we all pull together and communicate through forums, white paper and platform, there is no reason that the pooling of minds will not produce extraordinary results. Together, we can do it!